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Wellness Retreat | Mental Health Awareness Month | Sunday 29 October
Wellness Retreat | Mental Health Awareness Month | Sunday 29 October

Sun, 29 Oct


Fynn Studio

Wellness Retreat | Mental Health Awareness Month | Sunday 29 October

We know year-end fatigue and burn out are REAL - and in order to highlight the need to refuel and rest we are hosting a Wellness Retreat at the end of Oct. There are a few sessions happening on this day - you can choose to pop into either one, or book for the full day for a discounted rate!

Tickets are not on sale
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Time & Location

29 Oct 2023, 09:00 – 13:30

Fynn Studio, 235A Jan Smuts Ave, Parktown North, Randburg, 2196, South Africa


About the event

We are honoured to once again be welcoming you in to our space for a mini wellness retreat in honour of Mental Health Awareness Month. Tickets are limited, be sure to reserve your spot.


Join the team of The Nest Space for an African Sound Healing Journey. Using sound bowls as well as traditional African instruments, this relaxing, restorative and holistic session is designed to ground your energy and bring about deeper levels of peace and calm.


- Optional self-guided journaling opportunity (guests to please bring a journal along with them)

The lovely Kauai is providing us with some delish snacks and smoothies for the day!

We'll contact you the week before for your final choice, but you get to have ONE snack and ONE smoothie for the great price of R160:


  • strawberry stinger
  • c-breeze
  • peanut buttter berry


  • almond porridge pot
  • sliced avo toast
  • plant porridge pot


Breathwork: Experience the transformative power of conscious breathing. Tap into the superpowers of conscious breathing and unleash a whole new level of vitality and zen. From stress-busting techniques to mind-blowing moments of presence, it's time to take a deep inhale and exhale all your worries away!

Yoga Flow & Teaching Style: Picture a dance party on your mat with a side of mindfulness. That's what my yoga flow is all about! We'll bend, stretch, and twist our way to epic levels of strength, flexibility, and inner peace. With a teaching style that's equal parts cheerleader and zen master, a style that’s empowering, compassionate, and all welcoming. Embrace the balance between effort and surrender as you flow through sequences designed to nourish both body and mind

Yoga Nidra: It's nap time, yogi style! Say goodbye to stress and hello to ultimate relaxation with Yoga Nidra to close our practice. We'll dive into a world of blissful rest and rejuvenation, as your body and mind soak up the good vibes. It's like hitting the snooze button on the chaos of life and waking up feeling refreshed, recharged, and ready to conquer the world. Get cozy, close your eyes, and prepare for a dreamy journey within.


Manifestation and shadow work are two powerful practices that go hand in hand, leading us towards profound self-awareness and transformation. Manifestation involves the intentional creation of our desired reality through thoughts, emotions, and actions. It encourages us to clarify our deepest desires and align ourselves with the energy of abundance and possibility. However, to manifest effectively, we must also address our shadow aspects—the suppressed or denied parts of ourselves. Shadow work entails diving into the depths of our subconscious, embracing our fears, traumas, and unresolved emotions with compassion and curiosity. By integrating and healing these hidden aspects, we free ourselves from self-limiting beliefs and create space for authentic manifestation. When manifestation and shadow work synergize, we unlock our fullest potential, fostering a harmonious relationship with ourselves and the universe, and allowing our dreams to manifest from a place of true alignment and empowerment.

Origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, becomes a transformative tool when combined with manifesting and shadow work. As we fold the paper with intention, we infuse each crease with our dreams, making our aspirations tangible. In shadow work, origami serves as a symbolic expression of our inner journey, representing the transformation that occurs when we confront and embrace our hidden aspects. This mindful and meditative practice allows us to connect deeply with our intentions and subconscious, fostering personal growth and bringing our desires and shadows into conscious awareness, ultimately leading us to live authentically and purposefully.


All levels welcome. Beginners friendly.

Please bring:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Journal & pen
  • Pillows, blankets &/ or eyebags/ eye masks, socks & jerseys for Yoga Nidra & Nada (sound Journey)
  • Dress comfortably and easy to move in clothing

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