• Jenna Echakowitz

10 Things Your Photographer Wishes You Knew

As photographers, we absolutely love working with people - and that means you! We’re creative, social creatures, and there’s nothing better than having a fun, relaxed session with you and your family. We find magic in the little moments; in the in-betweens, and those split seconds where you forget that you are in-front of a lens and just have fun.

We love fun. We love belly-deep laughter and big, goofy smiles; your funny faces and tickle-fights. We kinda love it when you just…forget we’re even there. Because, even though photographers are the biggest social butterflies, we love being a fly on the wall even more. It means that we try not to interrupt the special moments unfolding in-front of the camera.

However, there are certainly some things we wish we could tell you in the middle of a shoot - so here’s a little peek inside your photographer’s brain.

1. Please, Ignore Us

We absolutely adore the candid moments between you and your loved ones. These are the kinds of photos that give you the tingly-warm-butterfly sensation when you look at them. For us to do that, we need you to ignore us (when we give you the cue - not all the time!) Once you take your mind off from the camera, that’s when the real magic happens. The biggest laughs, the most glittery smiles, the happiest faces - it all starts to shine through.

And, if we’re completely honest, your photographer sometimes just likes to sit back and watch things happen - it gives us time for a little breather and lets our creativity run wild, so you get the very best images we can give you.

2. We Love Your Little Monsters!

Whether they’re sleepy, grumpy, hungry, or happy, we love your little mons- er, munchkins!

Your little ones are very often the life and soul of a shoot, no matter what mood they’re in - and you best believe us when we say that we love them! Kids are wonderfully expressive and unpredictable. They’re the spice that every photoshoot needs. So don’t worry if they’re a little grumpy or drowsy or hungry - they warm up to the camera faster than you think!

When it comes to kiddies, candid is key. The biggest thing your photographer always wants to tell you is to stop telling them to look at the camera all the time - instead, let them play and explore.

Talk with them, dance with them, cuddle them. If they want to spend ten minutes throwing leaves into the lake, then that’s great! Happy little ones make for great shoots (and much less stressed parents!).

3. Throw Posing Out The Window

We love natural, in-the-moment kinds of shots. The more candid, the better! We might start you off in a pose to get you comfortable, but after that, we love it when you do your own thing. As your photographer, we love seeing the special connection you share with your family, your partner, your friends - whoever you’ve brought with you. How you choose to show those connections is what will make your shoot all the more special. Unposed shots are so much more genuine, and capture all of the emotions that your standard “stand and smile at the camera” pose could never even hope to.

Throwing the idea of posing out of the window is the key to creating heart-warming and images you will always smile at.

4. Be Prepared For A Workout!

We like to keep you moving - it’s all part of getting those candid shots we’re always going on about! This includes lots of walking, running, smiling, and talking (sometimes all at the same time). Sometimes we like to throw in a little pinch of dancing, swaying, spinning, and hugging. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it. More often than not, your photographer will jump into the action right alongside you! (We seriously can’t count the number of times we’ve nearly run backwards into trees or gotten ourselves tangled in long grass because we were dancing and skipping along with clients.)

5. The Camera Doesn’t Bite (We Promise)

We know it can look big and intimidating, but it’s really a softie at heart. Like with most things, it looks a lot more intimidating than it actually is. If your little ones are a little freaked out, we’re happy to introduce them to our equipment - once they get a chance to touch and explore the camera a little bit (and maybe see some of their own photos as we go), it gets them a little more comfortable and excited about the process.

And hey, if the same thing works for you as a grownup, we’re more than happy to introduce you to our equipment, too!

6. Your Ideas Are ALWAYS Great

We love being collaborative - there’s nothing better than creating a great flow of energy that gets everyone excited. Please share your ideas, even if it’s from something you saw on Pinterest (a little secret - we sometimes hop onto Pinterest for ideas, too).

Experimentation is key, and we can always learn something new from you, so don’t be shy to speak up. At