• Robyn Davie

All About Our Studio Space

We are OVER THE MOON to have launched a studio space in early 2021!

This spot is nestled in the leafy-green suburb of Parktown North, fairly central in Johannesburg - a prime location which offers safe, exciting space for heaps of creatives and clients to work and collaborate in.

We've launched this studio because we were feeling a BIG need for a natural light studio space - something that offers security, GORGEOUS light (come rain or shine!), and is well-ventilated (for COVID reasons). This space ticked ALL of those boxes, and more.

It was a dream to furnish. We stuck with a neutral colour palette, and created a few "scenes" - a lounge area, kitchen area and desk area, all of which are great for different little shoot scenarios.

We also supplied the space with some essentials for a shoot - a make-up station, clothing rail, bathroom/changing room, and kitchenette for making coffee and tea.

Feel free to bring along a duvet and pillows to create a "bed" (we don't currently supply this), as well as any other props that you'd like to use to dress the space up for your shoot. That's the most wonderful part about Fynn - it's a blank canvas, where you can create anything your imagination desires!

This warehouse space is part of a shared office park, which gives it a lovely vibe during the week, and makes it blissfully quiet over the weekends. Both have their benefits!

We have two inside parking spaces for guests, and lots of pavement parking just outside the premises.

The indoor area is finished with light grey walls, and a slightly darker grey cement floor, creating the perfect neutral colour palette for a variety of photo shoots.

Just outside we have a couple of walls covered in dark green creepers (beautiful for photos!), a pathway between the trees, a succulent garden, and the backdrop of the cool warehouse itself.

We'll be using this studio space for our own client shoots, and also hiring it out to fellow photographers and creatives for their photo shoots and workshops.

We're offering it for hire by the hour, half day or full day.

Ready to book?

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