• Robyn Davie

Fynn Studio: Our Open Day & Launch

If you haven't heard of our exciting new business venture, here it is! Welcome to Fynn studio, an airy natural-light studio in the heart of Rosebank. It has everything we love - lots of light, lots of space, and lots of potential!

(And also, lots and lots of coffee.)

We were so happy to collab with the lovely Skat Rentals for our open day decor. They brought the perfect touch of modern elegance to our space - Broghan breezed in and added the perfect extra bits and pieces to boost things for the day, metal arches, candles and lots of hand-woven baskets.

Contact her directly (and reference us to receive a discount!), to hire her decor for your upcoming shoot.

We look forward to sharing our new space with you!