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Here's Why You Can't Skip On Good Design

Have you ever really sat down and thought about what the difference is between a good brand and a great brand? Well, if not, then this blog post is probably just the thing for you.

There’s one HUGE differentiating factor between a brand or business that makes you think “hmm, that seems alright” and one that makes you go “WHOAH THAT’S COOL” (mental caps lock included) - and that, our dear friends, is good design.

Good design is all about catching the eye, hooking the customer, and creating a lasting impression.

You could have the best business model in the world, but that means very little if you’re not attracting people to your goods and services. The easiest way to fix that is with some snappy design aesthetics.

You may think your business is good now, but it could be the BEST with just a little bit of spice.

Good Design Appeals To Your Target Audience

When appealing to a target audience, it’s always a good idea to think of the hook, line, and sinker. Not sure what we mean?

The hook - what do you offer?
The line - what makes it different?
The sinker - what is the deal-maker?

The best way to apply this to your target audience is to sum all three of those points up in some striking design work that appeals to their consumer sensibilities (and makes the fireworks go off in their brain).

A smart and recognisable logo, appealing colour palette, and striking font choices are just the beginning steps to creating good design that will attract more customers to your business.

Good Design Creates A Lasting Impression

Once you’ve got your target audience interested, how do you keep them thinking about you?

You’ve probably guessed the answer already, but yes - it’s all down to good design!

Smart, snappy, punchy design lives on in a person’s subconscious. In this (almost overly-) visual age we live in, strong and cohesive aesthetics are important when designing the customer-facing aspects of your brand or business. If it’s bland, boring, or too generic, people won’t remember it.

Take a quick second to think about the other brands or companies that immediately spring to mind when you think of memorable design. We can guess it’s the ones with good websites, visually-appealing marketing collateral, and sleek social media feeds, isn’t it?

The proof's in the puddin’.

Good Design Sets The Tone For Your Brand

Setting the tone, the mood, the ambiance (if you will) for your brand is another important aspect of good design. This is what gives your business personality. Aside from the products or services you offer, what about your brand can people relate to? Are you serious and professional, or do you like to approach things with a little more whimsy and fun?

Good design is essential for creating a strong brand identity - one that customers (both existing and potential) can identify with and build a personal connection to.

This kind of connection also inspires brand loyalty, and the potential for growing your existing consumer base through recommendations, social media attention, and good word of mouth.

Essentially, making use of design to set a good tone for your brand is the key to being the hottest new topic on the grapevine.

Good Design Distinguishes You From Your Competitors

We know how the story goes - the market is oversaturated, bigger companies are monopolising the consumer base, social media isn’t having the reach you thought it would…we get it.

So how do you cut through the static and make your business stand out against the hundreds of competitors vying for your target market’s attention?

But now, we’re pretty sure you know the answer to that.

Good design makes the world go round.

Get clever, get bold, make design choices that go in the opposite direction of whatever your competitors are doing. Figure out what common elements tie them all together, and do something that goes beyond that. Most importantly, invest in good design. One unpleasant truth is that good design costs money - but once the investment has been made, the returns speak for themselves.

Think of it as contributing to your business’ future success. You’ll thank yourself later.

Good Design Brings Longevity To Your Business

Want to your brand to live forever? Then invest in some unforgettable design elements to keep your business exciting and relevant, regardless of the passing of the sands of time.

Dramatics aside, good, strong design can ensure that people are still thinking about your business in five, ten, twenty, maybe even fifty years - think about well-established brands such as Coca Cola and BMW.

They’ve started off with strong core concepts, and have given their respective brands a little facelift over the years to keep up with changing trends. These companies have been around for decades, but still remain relevant and popular today because of their focus on good design.


Is all of this sounding a little like Greek to you?

Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for!

We’d love to get in touch and work on some truly good design to boost your brand and take your business to the next level:




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