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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Studio Session

Let's set the scene:

You've booked the photographer, you've booked the space - but now what? How do you make sure that you milk every minute of your studio slot, and get the most bang for your buck?

Fret not, we're here to tell you how to make every single minute count at your next studio session!

1. Arrive 5-10 minutes early

Arriving to your session just a smidgen early allows some time for signing in and setting yourself up. It also creates a handy-dandy buffer for you incase anyone is running late, or got lost somewhere along the way. A 5-10 minute breather also lets everyone settle in and get comfortable before shooting starts!

2. Plan for possible (and unwanted) scenarios

We all know that, even with the best intentions, sometimes things just go a little bit haywire. But with every stumbling block comes an opportunity!

It's a good idea to plan for several worst-case scenarios before your shoot, in the off-chance that things don't go according to the script.

Bad weather? Prepare to shoot indoors!

Grumpy toddlers? Bring some toys!

Forgot your props? Use ours!

Not sure how to pose, or how to style your products? Bring some references! (We love Pinterest as much as you do.)

Having a plan B...or C...or even a D...can help alleviate a lot of stress, and make sure that your studio session goes ahead without a hitch.

3. Bring extra outfits or props

No matter the scenario, it’s always a good idea to have a backup.

Is your outfit not working out the way you had imagined? Bring some extra mix-and-match pieces to style. This also lets you hop into 2 or 3 different outfit changes to get some variety in your session.

The same goes for props - we have a limited prop selection available for rental in the studio, but it’s always a great idea to bring some of your own styling pieces to make sure everything matches your vision and aesthetic.

4. Economise your time

With good planning and time management, it’s easy to pack a whole lot of content into a single studio session.

This one spins off a lot from the previous point:

Have a couple different outfits ready so you can have photographs in different looks - this lengthens the lifespan of the content you can generate in a single studio slot.

When it comes to product photography, we have different areas in the studio that are perfect for creating varied setups for your products, capable of showing off their applications in many different settings.

For family sessions, we highly recommend coming prepared with a shot list to make sure you’ve captured every single must-have image and family combination - we certainly can’t forget Uncle Joe in the big group shot!

5. Have fun!

Shooting in studio takes a lot of pressure off of both you and your photographer.

It’s a safe, secure space where you know exactly what to expect - it's also completely yours for the duration of your booking, so there are sure to be absolutely no interruptions and unwanted spectators, allowing you to completely relax and be present in the moment!

The studio is also a safe place to leave your personal belongings, extra props, or items of clothing while you’re busy with your photographer - all kept under the watchful eye of our resident studio assistant.

Our studio is versatile, and lends itself to so many creative interpretations of the space - it can be whatever you want it to be, so have fun with it!

For more information about our wonderful studio space, be sure to check out this blog post - or pop us an email at




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