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(Pt. 1) Small Business Owners | Start The New Year Off With A Bang!

Ready to kick it? I LOVE the feeling of being refreshed and rejuvenated in the new year, and intend to ride that wave for as long as possible. Are you with me??

AND there's some extra special energy that comes from utilising the quieter season of January to make sure you're organised and prepped for the rest of the year - so let's do it! Now is the time (more than ever) to be HUSTLING as a small business owner.

Here are a few tips to get started:

1. Update your online bios and web copy.

Take 30 minutes to rewrite your online bios - on your website and your social media platforms. These personal introductions to yourself and your brand are very important, and should be a fresh, concise and fun way to welcome potential clients to your website and Facebook/Instagram accounts.

It's also a great chance to update all the copy on your website - put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never heard of you before, and has no idea about the services you offer. Make sure that if they were to visit your website, they would be able to quickly and easily understand who you are, what you offer, and how they can make a purchase/hire you.

Important points to keep in mind:

- keep your bios quick, concise and with fresh wording

- add in your location! (it blows my mind how often I end up on a website for a service provider and I have to truly SEARCH for information about where they are located!)

2. Update your portfolio/online visual presence.

Whether you're a photographer, a florist, or a graphic designer, my bet is that you have an online portfolio of your work. Some of the best advice I've ever received is that you're only as strong as your weakest piece of work. So whatever products/images/designs you have showcased on your website or social media platforms need to be the strongest representation of you and your brain. Anything that is old or outdated needs to go, ASAP.

Keep your body of work fresh, up-to-date and relevant to what you offer.

Rather have fewer, higher quality examples of your work up online, than lots of low quality samples. Quality over quantity every time!

3. Give your website a makeover.

We update our websites and online platforms at least once every six months - and it's an especially great thing to do at the beginning of the year!

The new look can make the whole team feel rejuvenated and refreshed, and gives us a great project to work on in this quiet patch.

While we're waiting for bookings to pick up in January/February, it's the perfect chance to work on revamping, streamlining, and refreshing your own website.

4. Go digital.

Whatever product or service you may offer, now is the time to consider creating a virtual/digital version of it.

Can you teach what you do? Set up online lessons.

Can you sell your service digitally, or ship your products via courier? Set up an online store.

Keep your eyes peeled - we'll be launching some amazing digital products in early 2023 - from email workflows to pricing guides to stock imagery and SO MUCH MORE.

5. Review your cashflow.

The beginning of the year is a great chance to be brutally honest with yourself about every single penny you spend, and about every expense that can be cut or reduced. Want it, or need it? That's the question we need to start asking ourselves.

Across the board we all feel the PINCH in January - especially if you've had a busy December with holidays and lots of gifting! So its extra motivating to review our expenses and ensure we're not spending unnecessarily. Keeping your expenses low means increasing your profit margin, which is a win-win!

Robyn Davie is the CEO of the Robyn Davie Creative Studio brand, based in Johannesburg. Her all-female team offers lifestyle photography, photo book design, and studio rental through Fynn Studio. In 2023 the brand will start offering guides and workbooks to empower other photographers and creatives.

She has Psychology and Corporate Communication degrees, and is constantly pushing herself to learn more on a daily basis. She has more than 15 years combined experience, managing her company; working as an art director and wardrobe stylist; running her own jewellery line in Los Angeles; and working in events in New York and Johannesburg.

The brand has proudly partnered with the iStore from 2020-2023, and won multiple awards through Admired in Africa. Innovation is at the forefront of what they do - always adapting their product offerings, and aiming to stand out from the crowd with fresh, bold and bright photography.




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