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Robyn Davie is the powerhouse behind Fynn Studio, a vibrant enterprise with over a decade of history. Guided by her vision, the studio has achieved remarkable milestones.


Under her leadership, the team transformed from a solo act into a dynamic group of fifteen female professionals.


Embracing innovation, Robyn expanded the brand in 2020, launching a digital design firm and e-commerce platform. This shift unleashed new creative avenues and adapted to clients' digital needs.

Robyn has a BA Corporate Communication and Psychology; and is currently doing her masters degree through the University of Tomorrow in Germany.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Then book a one-on-one 1 hour Zoom session with Robyn herself, to do a deep dive audit on your own business.


Consulting with mentors is indeniably one of the best ways to up-your-game and invest in yourself and your business! The tips and tricks included in this one hour session are sure to be game changers. Get ready to receive a heap of constructive feedback, and to reach greater heights.

Before the session:

  • In the week before the session we'll ask you to fill out a questionaire, to outline the exact areas in which you're struggling, and to allow our team time to prep solutions for your particular business.
  • This will include a review of your social media pages, your website, and portfolio.


During this session:

  • Robyn will walk you through the results of the online audit of your business, and answer your questions around marketing, pricing and branding.
  • She will also provide strategies and tips for your business, and the next steps you can take to success.

One-on-One Consultation with Robyn Davie

R3 950,00Price
    • Follow the prompts to add this product to your cart, and check out.
    • Our team will be in touch to schedule in your Zoom session, within the next 2-3 weeks (to allow for the necessary prep time prior to the session), and send through a questionnaire for you to complete about your biz.
    • You'll receive a reminder and a Zoom link a couple of days before your meeting. 
    • You'll join Robyn online for a 1 hour fun session!
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